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"Samir is a black belt in all things

-Lt. General Mike Ferriter, CEO/President National Veterans Memorial and Museum

We stand behind you

Leading an organization in today’s crowded market presents generation-specific challenges and opportunities. We help you stand apart by refocusing on the humans you aim to serve. We understand that tradition can sometimes impede change and innovation. That's why our work includes establishing clarity and demonstrating the fundamental value of being customer-centric.

We value inclusivity and diversity because great ideas come from anywhere.

Our purpose is to increase participation in the arts because we believe that art enriches civic life, inspires children, and strengthens local economies.

Our client philosophy is rooted in the adage "give a person a fish and they'll eat for a day, but teach them how to fish and they'll eat forever." We're with you every step of the way.

Customer-driven Growth

Driven by trends in consumer products and Silicon Valley disrupters, today’s customers have higher expectations.  A recent study by the Smithsonian found that exceeding customers’ expectations was one of the top predictors of a repeat visit, and likelihood to recommend. But how do you exceed expectations if you don’t know what they expect? A customer experience audit is the first step in learning more about your customers.


Customer experience audits establish a framework for inspecting all of the ways customers relate to your organization and its Programs. Assessments are made from customers’ points of view. This shift in focus enables staff to internalize the lived experiences of the people at the other end of the organization’s solicitations, policies, wayfinding, etc. Key components of a customer experience audit include:

  • An inventory and assessment of current systems,
  • Audience research and persona development, 
  • Identifying the decision points involved in obtaining targeted products & services,
  • Mapping and assessing these touchpoints across a pertinent ecosystem, and
  • Discovering opportunities to innovate and drive growth.


A customer experience audit reveals chances for beloved organizations to transform its relationship with the people it serves, and along the way, discover where it fits in customers’ lives.